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Lipstick is available in many varieties, ranging from matte and creamy to shiny and long-lasting. With the demands of every-day life, the last thing you want to worry about is your fading lipstick color. Constantly reapplying your lipstick is not necessary if you use a long-lasting lipstick. They are kiss, food and workout proof and can last up to 16 hours. If done incorrectly, removing long-lasting lip stain can leave your lips dry and chapped. Before applying a long-lasting lipstick shade, know how to remove it.

Place the petroleum jelly onto a paper tissue.

Apply the petroleum jelly to your lipstick-stained lips. Rub the petroleum jelly into your lips with the paper tissue. Use a gentle, small circular motion. Avoid harshly scrubbing the lips because this can cause them to chap. Keep rubbing until all of the lip color has been removed from your lips.

Apply lip balm to your lips to keep them moisturized and soft.