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While a bit of sexy decolletage can be good sometimes, extra cleavage isn't always appropriate. If you need to cover up but don't know how, don't fret. There are plenty of ways to get more conservative that are simple and fashionable. Whether you have a bit of cleavage or a lot, these techniques will tone down your cleavage when it's time to cover up.

Layer a Camisole

If you have a low-cut top that’s great for a night out but not so great for more conservative situations, slip on a camisole. Simply wear a camisole under your low-cut top or dress to cover up. Fitted camisoles slip on easily without creating bulk -- especially if you’re wearing a fitted top or dress. Camisoles come in a variety of colors and materials so you’ll have a lot of options when deciding exactly how to cover yourself. Camis come in a variety of styles, including spaghetti-strapped, thick-strapped, strapless, one-strapped and racerback styles so there’s a silhouette to work with any top or dress you own.

Wear a Scarf

A fashionable scarf made out of materials such as cotton and silk is a simple way to cover your cleavage without being obvious. Additionally, scarves are easily removed if you decide to show a little more skin. Bring one with you to work, wrap it around your neck, letting it drape over your cleavage. Once you're off the clock, remove your scarf and you’re ready for happy hour.

Buy a Bandeau

Bandeaus slip on over your bra to provide modesty while still keeping you fashionable -- they work well under low cut tops and dresses and also provide coverage under sheer tops, allowing you to wear these styles without showing the world your bra. Bandeaus can be found in department stores and at several clothing retailers.

Get a Cleavage-Control Body Shaper

Keep your cleavage in check with a body shaper specifically made to contain your bosom. These shapers allow women with bigger busts to wear their favorite necklines without showing too much skin. Cleavage-control body shapers can be found in most department stores and at online retailers. They also come in several shades to match any skin tone and in many silhouettes including tank tops, leotards and full-body styles, which minimize cleavage while shaping and smoothing your entire frame.

Watch Your Neckline

The lower cut your neckline, the more cleavage you risk showing. If you'd rather go more conservative, opt to wear pieces with higher necklines. The neckline you choose really depends on the size of your bust. Ladies with small busts can wear V-necks more easily that women with larger busts. To be on the safe side, wear pieces with conservative necklines, such as boat necks, square necklines and turtlenecks. The most important thing, however, is to use your best judgement to find the neckline that works for you.