Swimsuit season is the unveiling of a pale and pasty caterpillar from its cocoon of wool sweaters and warm slippers. The caterpillar only turns into a beautiful butterfly if and when she finds a swimsuit that makes her body look fabulous. However, she should take into account her body shape before handing over the cash for a suit that makes her thighs look big.


A woman whose thighs are larger than normal and who wishes to distract attention away from that area should think color and pattern when choosing her bathing suit. A suit with a contrasting top and bottom is ideal. The eye is drawn to a lighter color first so you should buy a bikini or a swimsuit with a dark bottom and a lighter top or a top with a pattern. By keeping the bottom dark, all attention is focused up top. If nothing suitable is available in the stores, another option is to buy two sets of bikinis and mix and match them.


Ladies who carry weight around the thigh area should steer clear of string bikinis that leave a lot of flesh exposed around the edges of the material, thus making the thighs appear even larger. Instead, you should look for bikini bottoms or swimsuits with high cut legs. The angle of the cut, exposing only a thin part of skin on each leg, will make your legs appear longer and your thighs slimmer.


Sometimes a woman may be more comfortable in a suit that covers up more of her skin. A suit with a skirted bottom, especially a skirt that is asymmetrical, will cover some of your thighs and have the added benefit of hiding cellulite if that is present. Boy shorts do provide good coverage but the straight line across the widest part of the hips can make you look wider than you are. Instead of boy shorts, choose a style that covers some skin but also has the high leg cut on the edges.

Other Considerations

The art of a flattering bathing suit does not stop with the best bathing suit bottom. An aspirational body shape is in proportion, and so a woman must also know how to balance her top half with her larger bottom half. You can do this by wearing padded bra-style bikini tops if you are small on top or choosing a halter top to boost the profile of your chest.