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Style reflects personality, level of professionalism and can make any body type look better or worse. There are plenty of styles that complement skinny men with short torsos. Your specific look will depend largely on your height. The key to looking good, whatever your build, is to wear clothing that fits you well and complements your body.

The Right Fit

No matter your body type, wearing the correct size is vital. Sizing up or down flatters virtually no one. For a skinny man with a short torso, it makes you appear more scrawny and even childlike beneath your clothes. Do not rely on yourself to get your measurements right. Go to a tailor or ask a family member or a friend to help out.

Tall and Skinny

If you are tall and skinny with a short torso, your clothing should not draw attention to your high waistline. While long legs are considered attractive by most standards, long legs offset by a short torso can make you look disproportionate. To minimize this effect, avoid high-waisted pants and jeans. Instead, opt for those that hang slightly below the hips. Top with fitted -- but not tight -- shirts that fall mid-hip and layer with sweaters, vests and jackets. Avoid tucking shirts in. If you must, offset the look with a simple narrow belt. Never wear skinny jeans.

Short and Skinny

For short men who are skinny with short torsos, fit is key. As short-man blogger Brock McGoff points out: "Short men don't need to dress taller (as if this is even possible). We need to dress to flatter our body types." To accomplish this, McGoff suggests wearing vertical and small patterns and slim fits that drape close to the body. Concerning accessories, such as ties, watches and belts, he urges shorter men to opt for simple and narrow.

Tailored Clothes

If you have shopped around only to find clothing that does not fit you right, make an appointment with a tailor. While this adds additional costs to your wardrobe, it might be worth it. To compensate, try buying fewer clothes that fit you right. Many tailoring jobs, such as hemming pants, are probably less expensive than you think. Another option is to buy made-to-order clothing, either through a local tailor or with an online company that specializes in this. If you go with an online company, stick with the same one through at least several orders. Even when they get correct measurements, it can be challenging to achieve the right fit. You might need to return your first custom-tailored garment several times until it fits right.