As summer approaches and you prepare to break out the flip flops and tank tops, remember that this season allows for your inner fashionista to emerge. Dressing in a summer chic style is not only easy, it’s incredibly fun. Mixing vibrant summer colors with bold patterns is completely acceptable during this time of the year. Learn how to adhere to the latest warm-weather trends while maintaining a chic, summer look.

Wear bright colors, but keep them to a limit. If you love shockingly bright pinks, balance it out. Wear a bright pink top with a neutral skirt or shorts and tan flip flops. You can always add pink accessories to complete your outfit.

Know when to stop. Adding on jewelry and accessories, that is. If you’re wearing a beautiful sun dress, wear one piece of jewelry, but know when to stop adding on. Many people wear a necklace, earrings, and bracelets, which can inevitably take away from your desired look.

Put on a hat. Summertime is a great season to wear those stylish hats you’ve hidden in your closet throughout the winter months. Think Kentucky Derby, toned down. Light colors work best and can easily accentuate a dressy outfit.

Wear strappy sandals. They look great with both jeans and sun dresses, adding the perfect accent to any outfit. Make sure you can walk in them before you purchase them.

Sport a sexy sarong. If you’re headed to the shore, a perfect coverup is the vibrantly-patterned sarong. They’re sold at practically any swimsuit or department store, and these come in all colors and cuts.

Break the rules. If you love the color orange or brown, wear it! Autumn-inspired colors typically work best during the fall months, but these can work for summer chic styles as well. Pair an orange tube top with a khaki skirt and brown leather sandals for a cute look.


  • A tan will go great with your summer wear!