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Nylon hosiery can give a smooth, refined look to a woman’s legs and her outfit. Wearing nylons is appropriate for all seasons, especially for warmth during cool or breezy weather. Nylons that complement office wear can give a professional look. Although casual summer outings do not call for nylons, this hosiery provides a finished appearance for dressier social functions, such as summer weddings or garden parties. Light hosiery will add pounds and shorten the legs. Plain nylons look correct with all clothes.


Nylons work best worn with feminine-looking shoes such as classic pumps, Mary Jane-style shoes and dressy sandals to complement an outfit. For some lace-up styles such as oxfords, thicker hosiery such as opaque tights works well. The nylons should not compete or contrast strongly with the look of the clothes or shoes. For example, shimmering dark nylons that seem too strong for a light-colored summer dress can draw attention to a woman’s legs and the floor instead of her face or upper body.


Nylons without a shiny look are appropriate for office wear. Nylons with a neutral tone that matches or is slightly darker than your skin tone work well. If you are attending an after-five event after leaving work, packing more dressy nylons allows a quick change to suit the mood of the evening’s event. For example, wearing sheer black nylons with black pumps and a dark outfit can create a stylish look at an evening reception in winter.

Knee-high Nylons

Knee-high nylons are worn with trousers. Although teenage girls sometimes wear knee-highs with skirts, this youthful look will not suit most women. Full-length nylon stockings with garter belts or as pantyhose complements skirts and dresses. While some women try to wear knee-high nylons under long dresses, the total look is spoiled when the hemline rises, such as when they sit down or a breeze lifts the hemline and shows the unsightly cuffs.


Certain hosiery companies use the term “sandalfoot” for nylons with a uniform texture from hip to toe. This style does not have the darker, thicker reinforced toe. Sandalfoot styles suit open-toed sandals. Hosiery would not suit casual thong sandals, flip-flop sandals or athletic sandals.