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Making a pair of no-show socks is so easy that you may never need to buy a pair again. No-show socks are helpful for wear with dressy casual or work outfits and shoes that reveal your ankles. No-show socks are thin and ride well below the ankle so that they cannot be seen and yet still provide a barrier between your feet and your shoes. All you need to get started is an old pair of pantyhose and a few basic sewing materials.

Grab a pair of old pantyhose with runs in the legs that you can no longer wear with skirts or dresses. Cut the pantyhose with a pair of scissors beneath the panty part where the legs begin.

Stretch the open end of each leg over your feet. Use a pair of scissors to cut the pantyhose about 1/4 inch below your feet.

Take the pantyhose off and sew together the smaller opening with a sewing needle and thread. Repeat the process getting up to three or four pairs of no-show socks out of one pair of old pantyhose.