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Fishnet stockings or tights can be worn in both formal settings and for a punk rock style. They have an edgy appeal that is not out of place in high fashion. Fishnets became most popular in the 1970s and '80s. People in the punk and goth subcultures began wearing them. One way to style them was to cut them up in different ways. If you want to change up your look, learn how to cut your fishnet stockings.

Cut the toes off the fishnets. Use a sharp pair of scissors, such as haircutting scissors. This allows you to wear the fishnets with open-toed shoes and with your toes exposed.

Wear the fishnets without feet. Stretch out the fishnet stockings in your hand and cut the feet off at the ankles. Stretching them out makes the stockings easier to cut.

Snip two or three small holes in the fishnets. This creates a punky, edgy look. After cutting the holes, stretch the holes with your fingers, or rip using the tips of the scissors to make the holes larger.


The ends of fishnet tights may fray after you cut them.

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