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Today, most people do not leave home without their cell phones and other hand-held electronics. Gloves, on the other hand, were something ladies of old fashioned days would never leave home without. They had gloves for daytime wear and also for evening wear. Women still wear evening gloves from time to time when the occasion calls for it, such as fancy dinners or proms. While finding some evening gloves may be difficult, making your own evening gloves is quick and easy.

Lay the brown packaging paper on a flat surface. Tape it down if it does not want to lay flat.

Place your hand on the paper and open your fingers up as wide as possible.

Draw around your fingers with the pencil to make a personalized pattern. Add about ¼ inch around both sides of each finger and your wrist for seam allowances.

Measure from your wrist how high up your arm you want the evening gloves to fit. Add this measurement to your pattern, starting at the wrist. Cut out the pattern.

Spread your fabric out on a flat surface. Fold it in half to form two layers. Pin the pattern to the fabric and cut out the pieces for one glove. Repeat to cut out pieces for the other glove.

Pin the two glove pieces with right sides together. Put one pin in the middle of each finger to hold them in place while sewing. Keep the pins out of the way of the needle so you do not have to pull them out until you sew all the way around the glove.

Start at the wrist and sew down one side of the arm, around all the fingers and up the other side of the arm.

Trim away any excess fabric carefully to remove any bulk.

Turn the arm ends of the glove under ¼ of an inch and again ¼ of an inch. Pin in place and stitch to form a hem and hide the raw edges. Turn the glove right side out.

Repeat Steps 6, 7, 8 and 9 to make the other glove.


Using a stretchy satin makes your gloves more comfortable to wear. Look for this fabric in the costume section of the fabric store.

If you cannot find a stretchy satin fabric, look for bathing suit fabric, which usually has a little bit of shimmer to it from the nylon or spandex threads.