Women Throwing Hats in the Air on Graduation Day
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Graduation day is one looked forward to with great anticipation by students and proud parents alike. And on the big day, graduation gowns provide a stunning and classy visual. Occasionally, schools will require girls to attach white faux collars to their graduation gowns to preserve the uniform look, instead of trying to make all the girls go buy the same shirt. This way the girls can wear whatever they desire beneath the robe, and still all look the same. If you have never attached a fake collar to a graduation gown before, don't worry. It is a relatively simple process.

Unzip the graduation gown and lay it on a flat, clean surface, face-up.

Place the faux collar atop the neck of the graduation gown, and arrange it the way you would like it to look when it is worn.

Securely pin the collar to the graduation gown, placing one pin in the very center of the collar, and the other two pins at opposite ends of the collar.

Put the graduation gown on and check to make sure that the collar sits exactly as you would like. If not, repeat the process and make adjustments.


The smaller your safety pins are, the less noticeable they will be when you have finished pinning the collar.