Corsets enhance the body’s midsection by restricting and controlling your bust, waist and hips or some combination of these. Corset generally lace up the back making it difficult to put this piece of lingerie on solo; however, if you do not have assistance you can still put on the corset, but you should leave yourself a little extra time to straighten and tighten the garment to achieve a proper fit.

Lay the corset on a bed and loosen the laces even. The lace loops at the waist area should be looser and larger than the rest of the corset laces. This will allow you to adjust the laces later. When putting on a corset by yourself, this is the best method.

Put on all your undergarments. You should also put on your pants or skirt, leaving the zipper open, as bending over to put on pants after you have on your corset can be difficult.

Place the corset around your body with the laces at the back and the snaps at the front. Connect the snaps or buckles at the front of the corset, hooking from the top, then the waist and finally the lowest buckle. Go back and connect all the snaps or buckles in between. Adjust your breasts as you go, positioning them comfortably inside your corset.

Close the zipper or button on your pants or skirt.

Reach behind you and pull the laces snug. Turn your back toward a long mirror checking for gaps in your corset laces.

Tug the bottom of the laces and tie them into a snug bow. Bend over to check the tightness of the corset. If it is too tight, loosen the bow and laces slightly before retying.


You may have to take off the corset to adjust the laces a few times to get the perfect fit.