Woman wear garter belt and stockings.

Garter belts were worn with stockings years ago before pantyhose and elastic-topped stockings were invented. Today, garter belts are often worn as a part of a sexy lingerie outfit, often paired with silk or fishnet stockings. Garter belts and stockings are also a good choice for women who find pantyhose binding or uncomfortable.

Step into the garter belt and pull it up around your waist.

Twist the belt around so the front of the belt is located in front of the body, resting on the hips and below the belly button. Adjust the garter straps so they are hanging between the middle and outer edges of the thighs.

Adjust the garter straps so they hang about 1/4 to 1/3 of the way down the thigh. Loosen the strap near the adjustable divider piece and pull until the strap is at the correct length.

Roll one of stockings by starting at the top and, with both hands, rolling down toward the toe.

Insert your foot into the stocking and gently unroll it up the leg, stopping at the upper thigh. Repeat with the other stocking and leg.

Open the garter clasp hanging at the end of the garter strap. Push the back piece with the button up until it can slide out of the hook on the top piece. Insert the top of the stocking into the open garter clasp. Snap the garter clasp closed and push the bottom button down into the hook. Repeat the steps for the remaining straps.


  • Non-elastic stockings can be found at high-end department stores and lingerie shops.