Stud buttons are often found on clothing, in particular on denim pieces such as pants and jackets. Although removing threaded buttons is usually quite simple, working with stud buttons can be more difficult, as they are more securely fastened to the material. Rather than a thin layer of thread connecting the button to the fabric, stud buttons rely on a metal rivet attached securely to the fabric. You can remove stud buttons from a pair of jeans or another piece of clothing without damaging the fabric, if you use the right tools and work delicately to avoid snagging or ripping the fibers of the material.

  • 2 pairs of pliers
  • Flat-head screwdriver

Remove the top section of the button from the bottom section. Stud buttons are made up of two separate parts -- the button on top and the stud or rivet underneath. To separate, grab the bottom portion securely with one pair of pliers, and with another set of pliers, pull up on the top portion.

Press a flat-head screwdriver beside the rivet on the underside of the material. Push it in around the perimeter of the rivet to loosen its grip.

Push the rivet through with the tip of the screwdriver or your finger to remove it. A small hole is left in place of the rivet -- the more care you take while removing the rivet, the smaller the hole you will make, and in most cases it is hardly noticeable at all. Stitch the surrounding fabric together with a matching color thread to mend the hole and replace with a new closure such as a threaded button.