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Accessories are key to any outfit. An ill-fitting accessory, like a watch, can ruin the greatest ensemble. Wearing a watch that is too large for your wrist can also cause severe damage to the watch. With normal arm movements, you can bang the watch on surrounding objects. Adjust the watchband to shorten the length of a watch that is too large. If your watch is a Bulova watch with a link band, you can remove extra links to achieve a better fit.

Removing Links from an Expansion Bracelet

Lay the watch face down on a flat surface.

Bend down the flaps located on the top edges of the section of links you will remove.

Flip the watch over.

Open the bottom edge flaps located to the left of the opened top flaps.

Slide the section of opened links away from the remaining locked links. The sliding motion will disengage the staples in the remaining links.

Bring the remaining links together and close all remaining flaps to reassemble the watch expansion bracelet.

Removing Links with Pins

Locate the pins on the watchband links.

Identify the type of pins in the links--friction, split or straight.

Lay the watch on a clean, flat surface that will not scar its face.

Remove the pins from each link using a pin removal tool, a watch screwdriver or needle nose pliers. You will either unscrew or push the pins to remove them from the links.

Remove more pins and links until the watch will fit your wrist.

Pull the remaining links together and secure with a pin.