Wearing braces is a right of passage for millions of people, young and old. Correcting your smile can increase your confidence and be beneficial to your health. But sometimes, you need to correct the correctors. If you find that you need to open one of the brackets on your teeth, follow these guidelines.

Locate the locking mechanism. Examine the front portion of the bracket. With most standard braces, you will find a simple locking mechanism on the front. It will probably look like a small tab that protrudes from the front of the bracket.

Apply a small amount of pressure. For most contemporary brands of braces, all you need is a small amount of pressure that you can apply with your finger. Press on the tab and you should feel it give.

Remove the problem item. Whether you are adjusting the braces wire or removing a stray piece of food or debris, make your adjustment while the bracket is open.

Close the bracket. You will want to close the bracket again so that no undue damage occurs to it. To close, simply apply a small amount of pressure to the bracket. You should hear or feel the click as it locks into place.


If you need to adjust your braces in anyway, even just to remove a piece of food, contact your orthodontist as soon as possible to ensure that you are not damaging your orthodontic work.