Replacing battery in quartz watch

For more than half a century, Peugeot watches have held a reputation for luxury and quality. The company offers free battery replacement for as long as you own the watch--or you can change the battery yourself in a couple of minutes using a set of small screwdrivers, such as jeweler's screwdrivers, available at hardware and electronics stores.

Place the watch face-down on a clean towel to protect the crystal.

Gently unscrew the backplate from the watch with a small jeweler's screwdriver and set it aside.

Locate the battery compartment and remove the screw holding the cover in place, using the screwdriver. The battery is a small, round silvery button.

Make a note of the battery polarity before you remove it. Is the battery positive (+) side up or negative (-)?

Take the battery with you to a watch shop or electronics store to buy a replacement.

Insert the new battery in the compartment. Replace the battery cover and reverse the above steps to reattach the back cover of your Peugeot watch.


  • Write down the model number of the battery for your watch and store the information in a safe place in case you ever lose the battery.