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Timex watches are well-known and inexpensive, and come in a number of styles from digital sports watches to classic analog watches. Though the styles may vary greatly, most Timex watches are similarly constructed and require the same general steps for changing batteries. The majority of Timex watches have tiny screws that hold the caseback into place requiring the use of some specialty tools to change the batteries. Luckily these tools tend to be inexpensive, allowing watch-owners to change Timex batteries at home.

Replacing Batteries in Timex Watches with Screws

Determine the type of battery that you need. Timex watches generally have the battery type stamped on the watch caseback.

Place the watch face-down on a soft dry cloth.

Unscrew the back of the Timex watch in a counterclockwise motion using small jeweler's-sized screwdrivers. Place the screws in a safe location where they can be easily found. For extremely small screws, you may need to use a pair of fine-point tweezers to pull the screws out.

Remove the watch caseback and set it aside. Remove the circular rubber gasket or seal that surrounds the inside of the watch.

Observe the inner workings of the watch and find the old battery. The battery will be a flat metal disk. Look to see if there is anything obstructing the battery, such as a clip or a battery holder with screws.

Lift the clip, if there is one, gently with your fine-point tweezers. Be careful not to bend the metal. Pull the battery out using plastic tweezers and set it aside. If the watch has screws instead of a clip, use a jeweler's screwdriver to remove them and the holder and set both aside before removing the battery. Make sure you do not mix up the screws from inside the watch with those holding the caseback on, as they are generally different sizes.

Use your tweezers to put a new battery in the watch, making sure that it is facing the same way as the old battery. Screw the holder back into place or push the clip back over the top of the new battery. Turn the battery over to check that it is working. If not, double check that the battery is in the correct position.

Replace the gasket and the caseback. Screw the caseback tightly onto the Timex watch and reset the time as necessary.

Replacing the Batteries in a Timex Watch with a Snap Back

Look at the caseback of your Timex watch. You should be able to see the type of battery you need, as well as any grooves or lips that will tell you where to open the caseback.

Place the watch face-down on a soft cloth.Place the edge of a small case knife under the caseback's grooves or lip and gently twist to pop the back off of the watch. Remove the rubber gasket or seal from the inside of the watch.

Use your fine-point tweezers to gently lift the clip--taking care not to bend the metal--and pull the battery out. Place it aside.

Place a new battery into the Timex watch, making sure that it is facing the same way as the original battery. Gently replace the clip and the rubber gasket. Double check that the watch is working and make sure that everything on the inside of the watch is oriented correctly.

Place the caseback onto the watch and press firmly with your hands until it snaps back into place. If you have trouble with this, use a watch press instead. Place a circular adapter that is slightly smaller than the caseback on the top of the watch press and a support plate on the bottom. Place the Timex watch into the press and push down on the lever until the caseback snaps back into position.


Before removing the battery, make sure to note its position and which side is facing up.


If you have any doubts or concerns about changing a Timex watch battery by yourself, take it to the jeweler or Timex retailer where you purchased your watch. Most will perform the service for free.