watch image by petar Ishmeriev from Fotolia.com

Fossil is a relatively new brand in watches. Founded in 1984, Fossil makes attractive and reasonably priced watches for all types and tastes. Fossil watchbands can be removed and replaced using simple tools and careful instructions.

Place the watch face down on a soft cloth to prevent scratching the watch body or face.

Locate the spring bar attachment point. This is where the small metal bar connects the watch with each side of the watchband. On most metal watchbands, the back of the watch lug will have a small cutout to allow access to the spring bar. On leather bands, the bar is typically accessed directly.

Push the small ridge on the spring bar inwards using the forked end of a spring bar tool (or another small and flat tool). Push the ridge away from the watch lug and towards the watchband. This will cause the spring bar to slide out of the hole in the lug, and you will be able to pull the watchband free gently. Repeat for both halves of the band.

Check your replacement strap for spring bars; if it does not include a new set, remove the spring bars from the original band and place them into the new band.

Set the halves of the band next to the watch in the proper orientation, to be sure you are not attaching them upside down or to the incorrect sides.

Reverse Step 3, placing one side of the spring bar into the lug, then pressing the other side down while pushing the band into place. After the bar is secure, gently tug on the band to check that it's seated.


Be careful not to scratch your watch while using metal tools.


If you are insecure about changing the band yourself, have a local jeweler do it for you.