How to Replace a Skagen Watch Battery

By Meredith Jameson

Skagen Denmark Collections is a company that creates jewelry, clocks, sunglasses and watches with designs that are meant to be clean and elegant, according to Most Skagen watches retail between $100 and $150 and can be found at major department stores and general retail stores. Replacing the watch battery in a Skagen watch requires the use of a small, flat screwdriver, such as one used for eyeglass repair.


Step 1

Turn the watch over to determine what case back the watch has. A snap case back is smooth with a small notch on the side. A screw back has two or more small slots on the back.


Step 2

Wriggle the blade of the screwdriver slightly underneath a snap back case at the notch to remove the case back.

Step 3

Turn the blade of the screwdriver in the slots on a screw back case to remove the case back.


Step 4

Unscrew or lift the clip holding in the watch battery.


Step 5

Return the clip to the original position after replacing the watch battery.


Step 6

Set the case back on the watch. For a screw back case, use the screwdriver to turn the notches and secure the case back. Line up the notch on a snap back and press the case back gently to pop it into place.


Step 7

Reset the watch if necessary.