Metal Wristwatch on a Table

Geneva is one of the top watch and clock manufacturers in the world. The company has produced luxury and sport watches since 1974 and today offers a variety of watch faces and options. Geneva watches can be serviced easily at most watch stores, but you can also open your own watch to change the batteries by removing the back of the watch and accessing the inside.

Use a tootpick, pen or Q-tip to clean the grooves that surround the backpiece of your watch.

Grab your screw-back tool and move the three screws in the screw back so that they are the same distance apart as the slots on the back of your watch, which surround the circular case on the back of the watch. Hold your tool up to the watch to determine the distance of the slots, and loosen the screws by twisting them to move them on the tool. The screw back is a common tool used to open watch cases and can be bought at most watch stores.

Place your screw back over the watch and insert the screws into the slots on the three sides of the back of the watch.

Press the screw back firmly into the back of the watch and turn the screw back counterclockwise while holding the watch down.

Turn the screw back until the case back pops off or is loose enough for you to remove it manually. Take the case back off, and the back of your watch will be open for you to change the batteries.