The Bulova Watch Co. began in a small store in New York City in 1975 and has become a worldwide manufacturer of watches, including such brands as Caravelle, Wittnauer and Accutron. The Bulova Accutron line includes sports and dress style watches for men and women that can be purchased at select retailers around the world. Removing the back of a Bulova Accutron can be accomplished with a few tools and may be necessary to repair the watch or change the battery.

Determine the type of case back on the watch. Set the watch face down on a soft surface and look at the back. If it has slots, it is defined as a screw-back case. If it is smooth, it is defined as a snap-back case.

To open a screw-back watch, use the metal blade of a standard screwdriver to turn the slots counterclockwise. A case-back wrench, which can be purchased at watch-repair stores, can also be used. Set the metal tips of the wrench into the back's slots and turn it counterclockwise to open.

For a snap back case, place the metal blade of a standard screwdriver in the indent between the watch and the case. Gently apply pressure to lift the case up and off of the watch.

Close the case back by setting it back onto the watch. For snap-back cases, line up the indent on the side of the watch and press gently on the case back to close. For screw-back cases, use the screwdriver blade or case-back wrench to turn the slots clockwise, thereby closing the case shut.