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Regardless of the location of a piercing, several choices are available when it comes to jewelry. The circular barbell is constructed in the same way as a standard straight barbell – with a post and a threaded ball on each end – but as the name implies, it has a circular shape. The horseshoe shape of a circular barbell might make it more versatile than a straight model, as it can be used in the ears, nose, lip, eyebrow and a number of other typical facial body piercing areas.

Grasp either of the balls between the forefinger and thumb of the left hand. Grasp the ball on the opposite side of the barbell in the same manner with the right hand.

Twist the ball in your right hand counter-clockwise to loosen it. Continue to turn the ball until it comes off completely.

Attempt to loosen the ball in your left hand if the first ball does not loosen. Depending on the brand of jewelry, it might be possible for only one ball to be removed.

Grasp the ball with needlenose pliers if it's stuck, gently turning counter-clockwise until it loosens. Remove it from the barbell.


Always wash your hands before removing or inserting jewelry.

Wear rubber gloves to get a better grip on the jewelry.


Consult a professional piercer or a doctor if your piercings show signs of infection.