nose ring

Among the different types of nose rings, corkscrew nose rings are the trickiest to put in and remove. They are comprised of a twisted metal wire that has an odd shape, unlike the simple l-shape nose ring or circular ring. Since the metal on a corkscrew nose ring is a combination of straight and circular wire, inserting the jewelry takes a few different moves.

Before attempting to put in the corkscrew nose ring, disinfect it. Soak a cotton ball in hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol and thoroughly wipe down the nose ring.

Dip the metal wire (the part of the nose ring that will disappear inside the nose when inserted) into a small dollop of Neosporin or other antibiotic ointment. Take care not to get ointment on the part of the nose ring that shows, since this part needs to be clean for a good grip.

Insert the straight end of the nose ring into the piercing hole. Keep pushing it in until the corkscrew part of the nose ring is ready to be inserted.

Once the corkscrew is ready to be inserted, tilt the nose ring slightly up and gently push inward while twisting in a clockwise motion. If clockwise twisting does not work, try twisting counterclockwise. This twisting motion should ease the corkscrew part of the nose ring through the pierced hole.

Finish inserting the nose ring by pushing in the remainder of the straight wire that follows the corkscrew. The nose ring is now fully inserted and you're ready to go!