gold yellow bow 2 image by Kir from Fotolia.com

Depending on the fashion season and the designer, tie-neck blouses might be all the rage. You can find a tie-neck blouse for a steal at a local discount shop, or you can pay thousands of dollars for one at a couture house. No matter how much you spend, trying to figure out how to tie the bow as perfectly as the blouse on the mannequin is often a source of frustration. It might take you a couple of attempts, but once you master how to tie the bow, you’ll be able to do it without the aid of a mirror.

Stand in front of a mirror that allows you to see the upper half of your body.

Hold one tail in each hand and pull them straight, a little away from your body.

Bring your hands together and pinch the two tails together as you cross them. Pull the right tail behind the left one and pull it up and through the hole created where the tails came together.

Hold one tail in each hand again and gently pull until the loose knot moves up to your neck. Stop pulling where you are comfortable.

Mimic the motion for tying shoes. Create a loop with your right hand, then pull the left tail up, behind, and over the front of the loop. This will create a loop on the opposite side and a square that hides where the bows come together.

Pull the bow tautly until you reach the size of bow desired and the tie-neck is tight, finishing the look.

Adjust the bows so the material is not bunched. Ensure the center is taut and square.

Study the bow to ensure the tails are of equal length or almost equal length, then gently adjust if necessary.


For a silk tie-neck blouse, insert a small piece of double-sided tape into the square part of the bow to hold the slippery material in place.