How to Cut a Hoodie Neckline

By Jonae Fredericks

A pullover hoodie is simply an ordinary sweatshirt with an attached hood and sometimes a drawstring that ties at the neck. While the concept is perfect for days you want to keep both your head and your upper torso warm, the design can be somewhat suffocating if the neckline is too tight. Cutting the hoodie's neckline to accommodate your physique is the one way to keep the hoodie circulating within your wardrobe without sacrificing style for comfort.

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Cut a hoodie that is too tight on your neck.

Step 1

Turn the hoodie inside out and lay it on a flat work surface. Examine the neckline of the hoodie and locate where the two front seams are stitched together. This is usually in the location where the hoodie is the tightest around your neck.

Step 2

Use a seam ripper to remove the stitching that joins the two seams. Simply slip the tip of the seam ripper into a stitch and pull up to cut. Continue until you cut all of the stitches included in that particular seam.

Step 3

Give the neckline a slight tug to separate after removing the stitching. You should now have a slight V-shape opening where the neckline was once connected.

Step 4

Use a ruler and a pen to draw a vertical line down the front of the hoodie. You will cut along this line to further extend the newly formed, V-shape neck. Keep in mind, the longer the line, the deeper the V-shape neckline.

Step 5

Cut along the vertical line with a sharp pair of scissors. Leave the cut neckline as is for a worn look, or fold the cut sides over and iron flat for a neater look.