How to Cut a Hoodie Neckline

A pullover hoodie is a cozy wardrobe staple. But it's not so comfy if it's a little too tight around the neckline. Here's how to cut the hoodie's neckline for a looser fit.

Turn the hoodie inside out and lay it on a flat work surface.

Examine the neckline and locate where the two front seams are stitched together. Use a seam ripper to remove the stitching that joins the two seams. Simply slip the tip of the seam ripper into a stitch and pull up to cut. Continue until you cut all of the stitches in that particular seam.

Give the neckline a slight tug to separate after removing the stitching. You should now have a slight V-shape opening where the neckline was once connected.

Use a ruler and a pen to draw a vertical line down the front of the hoodie. You will cut along this line to further extend the newly formed V-neck. The longer the line, the deeper the V-neck.

Cut along the vertical line with a sharp pair of scissors. Leave the cut neckline as is for a worn look, or fold the cut sides over and iron flat for a neater look.