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With just a pair of scissor, you can turn an oversized sweatshirt into a retro-chic '80s style sweatshirt. Cutting off the neckline takes just minutes and can completely alter the look of the shirt, changing it from a plain unflattering shirt into a sexy, alluring and more comfortable top. It is better, but not crucial, if the sweatshirt is a size or two larger than what you normally wear. Grab a sharp pair of scissors and start cutting.

Lay the sweatshirt flat in front of you.

Cut, with the scissors, around the ribbed collar one inch from the seam line.

Wash the shirt so that the cut edge will roll a little.

Try the shirt on. If the opening is not large enough, remove the shirt and cut off another inch.

Repeat this process until you are satisfied with the results.


If you want a more '80s look, cut off the sleeve and waistbands in the same manner. A man’s sweatshirt works great for this project. This technique can work for off-the-shoulder T-shirts as well.


Do not over cut; the shirt will stretch a little once washed.