How to Make a Shirt Tighter Without Sewing

By Stephanie Waszak

Sometimes you buy a T-shirt thinking it is your size, only to get home and realize it is a little more baggy than you expected. But don't worry; revamping over-sized T-shirts to create fitted ones can be a quick process that requires no sewing. Use this method on over-sized men's shirts or to give your old wardrobe a new look. Just grab your scissors and get creative.

Tighten up over-sized T-shirts without sewing.

Step 1

Put your shirt on and pinch the sides to determine how much tighter you want your shirt to be. Mark this rough measurement on the front and back of the shirt with a marker.

Step 2

Measure from marking to marking and add 1 inch to that measurement. Do this on both sides and write it down.

Step 3

Cut the shirt up the sides along the hem, from the bottom hem up to where the sleeve ends. The shirt will be completely cut up both sides but held together by the neckline and top of the sleeves.

Step 4

Cut slits up the side of your shirt, approximately 2 to 3 inches apart and as deep as the measurements in Step 2. Do this on both sides.

Step 5

Lightly pull each strand created in Step 4 to slightly curl the edges. Do not pull too hard, which will stretch your fabric.

Step 6

Put your T-shirt on and tie up the sides. A friend can help by tying the right strands together or tying one side while you tie to other to ensure the shirt is even and fits nicely.