White tshirt hanging on a pink hanger

Have you ever bought a really cool T-shirt that you couldn't wait to wear only to find it was far too big? If you would like to make it smaller but sewing is just not your thing, here's an easy way to do so by cutting it.

Make a T-Shirt Smaller by Cutting It

Lay your T-shirt on the ground with its front side facing you. Start by cutting the hem off the bottom of the shirt. You can cut it right above the stitch or a little higher.

Save the T-shirt hem after you cut it. It will come in handy later.

If you want to create a sexier neckline, cut the collar off. You can have fun with this by cutting it in a boat neck style.

Cut the sleeves of your T-shirt to a length just above its original hem.

Get that hem from the bottom of your T-shirt and cut it in one long continuous piece of fabric.

Measure about an inch down from the neckline. Cut a slit about a half-inch long going down to the base of the T-shirt. Make several of these slits along the base of the T-shirt, about two inches apart.

String the hem from the bottom of your T-shirt through the slits and tie a cute bow where the ends of the hem meet. You may have some extra fabric and may need to trim the hem ribbon tails.

Rock Your smaller DIY t-shirt with pride.


  • Ad your own flair to the T-shirt. Make it your own.