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If you're looking for a cleavage boost without resorting to surgery, a pushup bra can help. Pushup bras have padding on the sides to push your breasts closer together. However, some women have never learned how to put this type of bra on correctly. Wearing a pushup bra is similar to wearing a regular bra, except that you may have to do a bit more arranging to get just the right amount of cleavage for your cocktail dress or V-neck sweater.

Fasten the back of your bra, either by reaching behind you or by fastening in front and turning the bra around.

Lean forward and place each breast in its cup, one at a time.

Stand up and adjust the straps so they're comfortable. They should lift the bottom of the bra without digging into your shoulders.

Arrange your breasts to prevent double cleavage -- in which the top of the bra has overspill. Tuck and lift them as necessary, pushing them together as you adjust the pushup pads from the inside, then shake your torso to settle them in place.

Dust your cleavage with a light dusting of bronzer to accentuate the pushup effect.


To assure proper fit of your pushup bra, make sure fastening the outermost hook is most comfortable when you try it on before buying.