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The right bra can make all the difference. Like the foundation of a house, a bra is the base of any outfit. Your best-fitting bra, however, might have straps, making it difficult to wear with tricky necklines such as strapless, backless, and off-the-shoulder tops and dresses.

These DIY strapless bra hacks will help convert your bra into a version that offers support without visible straps. Say goodbye to fears of slippage or sagging!

Convert a bra to strapless by sewing

“If you need the strapless for a special occasion, then you can actually cut the straps off of your bra and sew the bra right into the dress,” says Jené Luciani, fashion expert and author of The Bra Book, during an interview. “There are tutorials on YouTube or you can take it to a seamstress or tailor at most dry cleaners.” This method works well for strapless, backless, and/or low back dresses that aren’t worn very often.

Choose removable straps

Or, opt to create your own strapless bra by taking a regular, extra strap from a bra with removable straps. Hook this strap on the back of the bra on one side, pull and bring it around your back. Pull the strap around the front of the bra directly underneath both cups, to the other side. Hook it through the back on the other side and attach. This technique is extra supportive and prevents slippage, so you can hit the dance floor or any event in without worrying about a wardrobe malfunction!

Strap hacks for tanks or backless outfits

If it’s a specific outfit causing you to question your bra straps, Luciani recommends considering alternate options. “For example, if it’s because you want the straps to not peek out of a tank top, you can cinch them inward in the back using a large paper clip,” she says.

You can also find products such as bra converting clips at lingerie specialty stores such “The Bra Lady” Linda’s. According the expertise of this bra speciality retailer, accessories are an easy and efficient way to transition an everyday bra into a strapless or backless alternative. Try a bra strap converter that links to the bra closure to pull down the middle of the band by up to 10 centimeters. This allows you to wear backless tops or dresses with all the support of your everyday bra and without being able to see the band or hook. On a low-back bra converter, the bra hook part links to the eye part of the converter (or vice versa). The converter strap wraps the stomach near the navel.

Quick fixes to hide straps

If it’s a last-minute fashion emergency, try this camera-ready trick: Tuck the straps down into the cups of the bra. “This has worked for me in a pinch on TV shoots! And, make sure the band obviously fits snug so it can stay put without the straps,” she said.

When turning a regular bra into strapless, a common issue can be experiencing gaping within the cups. Nix this by first massaging the bra for a better fit; or, use a fashion tape. “So, if you cut off the straps altogether, you can use a little double stick tape at the tops of both cups to get rid of the gaping,” she explained, adding: “Just be sure to not put on lotion that day or the tape won’t stick.”

Experiment with these ideas before a big event to test-drive which method works best with your outfit. Ditch the wardrobe worries by wearing your favorite bra that makes you look and feel confident…without any visible straps.