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Given the time we spend browsing the racks and getting fitted for the perfect bra—not to mention, the hefty cost it takes for us to feel like a Victoria Secret angel—the last thing we want to deal with is a bra that has more issues than Vogue. This can include a dented bra cup, wrinkles, creases in the bra cup or padding, and bra cups that fold over or curl out.

There’s a reason memes exist about bra problems, such as having the inner bra wire stab us in the side. Not cool, pink frilly bra!

Before you toss these apparent defects in the trash, check out these easy fixes for some common issues that may just give your favorite bra a second life.

Here's what to do if...

  1. Your bra cup is folding over: When this happens, it usually means your bra cup is too big. Since spontaneously doubling in bust size is not possible, try this fix: adjust the fit of the bra with clips. Believe it or not, you can use a paperclip to clip the straps together at the back. You can also adjust both of the shoulder straps to tighten and lift the shape up, so there is less excess room in the cups. Not going to lie, though—it appears the best solution for this is to go down a bra size, as everything should fit snug, meaning no spillage and not too much empty space. 

  2. The top of your bra cup is curling out: If your bra is particularly old and worn (we know letting go of our favorite bras can be tough), the stitching in the bra can get stretched over time, causing it to lose its shape. Avoid this by storing your bras upright so they don't lose their shape. After washing, let them hang dry.

  3. There are creases, dents, or wrinkles in your bra cup: Even though we wear our bras under our clothes (that is, unless you're Regina George and starting a new trend), wearing a bra with wrinkles or creases can show through your outfit. This can be super unflattering, especially when rocking a tight-fitting shirt or dress.

    Aside from throwing the bra on a delicate cycle in the dryer, you can use your fingers to smooth out the creases. Do this until they are all smoothed out. Remember to aim for a very low heat setting in the dryer, as too much heat may even cause more creases. If all else fails, use a clothes steamer. If the creases or wrinkles are in the bra padding, the best thing to do is just replace the padding, as it can get worn out over time.

Additional bra care tips

  1. Wash every couple of uses: Try to avoid wearing a bra for more than one day in a row. Instead, according to Luz Cuevas, chief lingerie stylist at Rigby & Peller, use a few at a time in rotation. "When you let your bra sit for one day, it allows the elasticity to shoot back into the band, prolonging the life. So if a woman has three bras that she rotates (just never two days in a row), she can go three to four wears before washing."

  2. Store your bras properly: You may be used to just tossing your bras in your undergarment drawer, but this could be causing all the issues listed above. Instead, store them upright or even buy some drawer dividers so they can have their own space, free from crowding. 

Don't forget—our bras support us all day long; the least we can do for them is treat them right!