By Brenna Davis

Lined and padded bras frequently become dented and misshapen after several months of use. This makes the breasts look strange under clothing and reduces the amount of support provided by the bra. Although replacing the bra might seem like an easy solution, bras are expensive and in most cases it's possible to fix the dents without getting a new bra.

Bras are expensive to replace.

Step 1

Hand-wash the bra in the hottest water safe for the fabric. Consult the tag on the inside of the bra to determine the appropriate temperature. Don't use soap or place the bra in the washing machine. The goal is to get the bra wet, rather than to actually clean it.

Step 2

Wring out excess moisture from the bra cups by pressing on them rather than squeezing them. Using your fingers, gently push out any dents. Then knead the inside of the bra cup with your fist to encourage the bra to return to its original shape.

Step 3

Place bra pads inside the bra. Pads encourage the bra to retain its shape while it dries, and heavier silicone pads are the best choice. Drape the bra over a drying rack, but ensure the bra cups are not compressed by the rack. Prevent future dents by hand-washing your bras and hanging them up to dry.