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Oftentimes the padding in a bra can become folded, balled up or deformed when it is washed or dried. Most undergarments will suggest hand-washing the item for this specific reason. If the bra manages to make its way into the laundry, there is an easy way you can fix the padding to extend the life of the bra.

How to Fix Padding in a Bra

Cut a small slit in the inside of the bra, along one of the seams of the cup. The slit should be 1.5 to 2 inches in length. Only cut the fabric on the inside so you can gain access to the padding. Don't cut the bra all the way through the front and the back.

Slide your thumb and index finger into the hole you cut and grab the padding of the bra. Use your fingers to unfold it, spread it around or move it accordingly.

Try on the bra to make sure the padding is where it originally was and that it looks appropriate. Continue to fix the padding if necessary.

Remove the bra and sew the slit closed with a needle and thread that matches the bra color.