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Front-closure bras are an alternative to bras that clasp in the back, but putting them on properly starts with the right fit. Front-closing bras do not allow you to adjust band size: Select a front-closure bra in the appropriate size and style for your body. If you have not been measured recently, have a professional fit you for the bra. Choose a bra with underwire for more support, or without underwire and in a lighter material such as cotton or lace if underwire support doesn't suit you.

Place your arms through the straps of the bra so that the bra is positioned toward the front and the straps rest comfortably on your shoulders.

Grasp each side of the closure and slide the hook over the top of, and through, the bra’s clasp to fasten the bra in place.

Lean forward to adjust the fit or your body inside the bra cups.

Ensure that the band is lying straight across at the back and not bending into a curve. Inspect the fit of the bra and adjust the straps to tighten or loosen them. If the band is bending, loosen the straps at the top of each shoulder until it is lying comfortably flat.