How to Change Your Bra Straps Into a Halter

By Mimi Bullock

Halter-style tops and dresses are a summertime wardrobe staple. Don't ruin the flattering back-baring style with visible bra straps. A halter bra provides support but features straps that stay hidden. Transform a convertible or multiway bra from a classic style into a halter with a few strap changes.

credit: Jupiterimages/ Images
Convert an old bra into a halter bra by adding hooks to the band.

Step 1

Unhook the bra and lay the bra on a flat surface with the cups facing down.

Step 2

Look at the bra band at the back where the straps connect to it.

Step 3

Disconnect the right bra strap completely.

Step 4

Detach the left strap where it connects with the bra band in the back. Move the free hook to the loop on the side of the right bra cup.