How to Make a Pageant Ribbon Sash

By Breann Kanobi

Pageant contestants often wear sashes that represent their city, state, country or area of expertise. Winners typically receive a sash that marks them as "Miss America" or "Miss California." Some contests have special awards for those who did not receive the first prize, such as "Miss Congeniality." These sashes are typically made of wide ribbons and bear clear lettering. However, pageant ribbon sashes vary by pageant, so check the rules before designing a sash.


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Step 1

Cut one long strip of wide satin ribbon, 72 inches long. Cut two long strips of trim ribbon, 72 inches long.


Step 2

Sew the trim ribbon to each side of the wide ribbon, lengthwise, using a needle and thread.


Step 3

Lay the ribbon flat on the table and place the appropriate iron-on letters on the sash. Turn on the iron and allow it to heat up. Run the iron across the ribbon to secure the letters to the sash.


Step 4

Drape the ribbon over the sash wearer's shoulder, with the lettering side on the front of the wearer's body. Pull the sash to the opposite side of the body and pin it in place, near the wearer's hips.