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Wrap shirts are appealing because they flatter various aspects of the anatomy, such as the bust, waist and hips. Wrap shirts may be made in different styles but most require a similar method of tying.

Pull the front panels of the shirt open and slide your arms through the sleeves. The opening should be in front of you.

Bring the left side of the shirt to the right side of your body. Pass the string at the edge of this half of the shirt through the hole in the right seam. Note that this may be different on your shirt.

Take the right half of the shirt to the left side of your body, so that it overlaps the left panel. Ensure that the shirt fits snugly against you.

Pull the strings from the left and right front panels of the shirt to your back. Tie them together into a bow or make two square knots. If the strings are long enough, you can wrap them around your back, bring them to the front and then tie them together.