How To Tie a Bathrobe

By Anne Baley

Stars of movies and television shows all seem to have a talent for looking good and put together, even wearing nothing more than a robe. The openings never slide or gap and the tie is in a perfect knot that resembles a small piece of artwork in its complexity. Looking good in a bathrobe is not a secret of the stars. It is a matter of planning and following a couple of small directions in detail. Tie a bathrobe properly in a few steps.

credit: Hemera Technologies/ Images

Step 1

Slip your arms into the sleeves of the robe and settle it evenly on your shoulders. The shoulder seams should lay even and flat on the top of your shoulders.

Step 2

Wrap the left half of the robe around your body toward the right. There may be a ribbon or tie on the end of the left robe half and inside the right side of the robe. Bring these two ties together and tie them in a bow, securing the left robe half snugly to your body.

Step 3

Bring the right robe half around your body toward the left and hold it in place with your left elbow.

Step 4

Grasp each end of the outer robe tie with one hand. The tie should be smooth and free of folds around the body.

Step 5

Pass the left tie end over the right tie end. Pass the left tie end over and through the loop and pull both ends tightly. The left tie end will be coming up through the loop and the right tie end going down through the bottom half of the loop.

Step 6

Fold the left end of the tie down so that it hangs directly next to the right end. The left end will be to the right of the right end, with both sash ends hanging next to each other.

Step 7

Take the left tie end and cross it over the top of the other tie end. Bring the end of the first tie under and through this cross. Pull both tie ends. One end will come out on the right and one on the left. There will be a smooth piece of sash material covering the knotting with the ends coming out from behind it.