Massaging pressure points on the human body is both pleasurable and therapeutic. It can help relieve pain, improve circulation and channel the flow of energy. There are hundreds of pressure points all over the human body. Most are found in soft tissue near bundles of nerves and joints. All pressure points should be manipulated gradually and carefully. Too much pressure can result in pain and injury.


Massage pressure points along both sides of the spine. The muscles lining the spine contain pressure points from the pelvis all the way up the the base of the skull. Apply pressure straight into the body about one inch on each side of the vertebrae. Never apply pressure directly to the spine itself.


Apply pressure to the ridge of the neck. These are the sloping muscles that descend from the sides of your neck to your shoulders. The pressure points are located along the top of this ridge. Walk your fingers from the shoulders up to the neck then back down again. This will release tension from the body.

Achilles Tendon

The Achilles tendon is the ridge that runs from your heel to your calf. Pinch the Achilles tendon gently between your thumb and index finger. Great care must be taken while doing this as the Achilles tendon is extremely sensitive. Light pressure along it will relieve stress in the lower body.


Locate the ball of the foot. This is the rounded area on the sole of the foot behind the big toe, just before the foot arches upward. Apply pressure to the pressure point just behind the ball of the foot. Also apply pressure to the bottom of the heel and beneath each of the toes. These pressure points can alleviate pain in the feet.


Press the pressure point in the webbing of the hand. This is the muscle located between the thumb and the index finger. This pressure point provides relief to pain throughout the body, especially headaches.


Trace a line from your little finger down to the fold of your wrist. A pressure point is located right along this crease. Another is found on the fold of the wrist directly under the index finger. Applying pressure to these points will make your fingers tingle and release tension.