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Using pressure points is a convenient and effective way to relax. Pressure points can be manipulated by yourself or with someone's help. They can be used anywhere and at any time. Stimulating the muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves in specific areas of the body can prompt feelings of peace, tranquility and euphoria.


A simple way to relax using pressure points is to press your temples. This is the flat part of the skull next to the eyes. Apply direct pressure inward on both sides of your head simultaneously. Work the pressure in a slow circular motion, then move your fingers slightly. As you move around your temples, you will notice the stress fading away. This pressure point also helps relieve headaches.


Many people store tension in their necks. Relax by using the pressure points on the side of the neck. Press on the muscles lining both sides of the spine. Press inward, then release and move a fraction of an inch upward. Once you reach the base of the skull, start to inch downward. Avoid putting pressure on the spine itself. Press only on the muscles surrounding the spine.


A useful pressure point is found in the webbing of the hand. This is the meaty piece of muscle located between your thumb and index finger. Apply pressure on both sides of the hand as close to the bones as you can get. This pressure point is said to relieve everything from muscle cramps to grief to anxiety.


People who sit, stand or lift frequently experience tension in their lower backs. Help your back relax by using pressure points on the sides of the spine. Start by applying pressure to both sides of the spine at the spot on your back that is between your elbows. Work your way down, being careful to avoid pressing directly on the spine. Stop once you hit the pelvis. You will enjoy these pressure points more if you have someone else press them for you while you lie face down.


The pressure point just below the ball of the foot can produce feelings of euphoria throughout your entire body. Start there and move the pressure along the arch of the foot. You will find tension leaving the body, and your feet will feel refreshed.