How to Put on a Cloth Belt With Two Metal Rings

By Contributing Writer

Cloth belts are a lighter, less obtrusive alternative to the traditional buckle belt. Their method of fastening may not seem instinctual at first, but with some practice and a bit of dexterity, getting these belts to fit together should be no problem.


Step 1

Put the end of the belt without rings through the belt loops or around the waist, starting at the left hip and ending with the rings on the left and ring-less end on the right.

Step 2

Thread the ring-less end completely through both rings. The end is now facing left.

Step 3

Fold back the end so it faces right and hold it over the first ring it crosses, the leftmost ring.

Step 4

Tuck the end under the second, rightmost ring. Pull the end toward the right to secure.