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Rope is a versatile tool that can be knotted or braided for several kinds of tasks. A rope bra can be the support beneath clothing if a bra is not available. Additionally, the woven bra, created with rope or similar strap materials, such as leather, allows the tier to create a Gothic look as part of a costume, such as a modern witch's outfit. The rope bra is held together by a series of secure knots, and allows for a custom fit for a woman of any size.

Drape the rope over the shoulders of the wearer, behind the neck, so the loose ends hang down on either side of the neck.

Bend the right loose end behind itself in front of the breast bone, making a loop.

Drape the left loose end across the front of the loop in the right end.

Pass the left loose end behind the section of the right end below the loop and in front of the section of the right end above the loop.

Weave the left loose end behind the top side of the right loop, in front of the section of the left end draped over the loop and behind the bottom side of the right loop. Pull the ends to tighten the knot. You will have created two loops which weave amongst each other.

Grab the leftmost section of rope in the knot and pull out slack until the section can be pulled horizontally over the left breast. Repeat with the rightmost section of rope over the right breast.

Wrap the left loose end under the left breast and through the left pulled out section, then repeat with the right end under the right breast. The rope has now created the support cups.

Drape each loose end over the shoulders of the wearer, then secure the ends together in the center of the back, between the shoulder blades, with a knot that matches the knot you tied in front. Do not pull out the leftmost and rightmost sections as you did on the front knot.

Wrap each loose end under the arm nearest it, under the chest of the wearer to complete the cup support then back around to the center of the back.

Cross the right loose end over the left loose end, then wrap the left end over and under the right end. Pull tight against the back.

Cross the same loose end as in the prior step, now on the left, over the second loose end, then wrap the second end over then under and pull. You have now secured the two ends with a square knot, which looks like a pair of loops, each with its two loose ends passed through the other loop.