pareos image by Tahiti from Fotolia.com

A sarong or pareo is a large piece of fabric wrapped around the body as a skirt or dress and can be worn by men or women. This versatile garment can be wrapped around the body in a variety of ways and secured with knots, tucks or buckles. Traditionally, a sarong buckle is made from coconut shell, wood or mother of pearl and can be worn as an accessory to the garment or covered up with additional fabric or a knot.

Tying a Short Skirt With a Sarong Buckle

Fold the width of the sarong in half.

Wrap the sarong around your waste and hold the ends evenly to the side.

Pull one end of the sarong through one of the holes on the sarong buckle. Repeat with the other end of the sarong.

Scoot the buckle down the length of the sarong until it is secure with your hip. The buckle itself is sufficient to hold the sarong in place, or you can tie a loose knot to cover the buckle.

Tying a Full Length Strapless Dress With a Sarong Buckle

Allow the sarong to fall to its full width.

Wrap the sarong around your back, just under the armpits.

Hold the ends of the sarong out in front of you, and make sure the ends are even.

Thread both ends of the sarong through the buckle.

Push the buckle until it is secure at your breast.

Variation on Tying Through the Sarong Buckle

Hold the sarong out lengthwise from the body.

Pinch the sarong length close to your body and make two small handles, allowing the ends to fall to your body.

Pull each handle through the holes on the buckle, and pull the buckle secure to your body.

Tie the handles in a small knot. This variation allows the fabric to drape naturally down your body without the bulk of full length ties. It also makes a smaller knot, allowing the buckle to show as an accessory.


For additional coverage, pull one edge of the sarong up under the other and pull the end over the top of the dress. Drape the other edge across your body and tuck under the top. However, this style will cover the buckle.