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Body shapers, also known as body slimmers and foundational garments, have been around in different forms for centuries. Starting with the iron corsets of Elizabethan times, progressing to the 17th century's whalebone corsets, and continuing with the invention of Lycra at the of the 1950s, body shapers have become increasingly more comfortable while still retaining their primary purpose to make the human form appear slim and curvy in all the right places.

Put on a normal bra. This will serve as the core of the body shaper.

Adjust each bra strap so that it is as tight as possible while still remaining comfortable.

Purchase a Spandex or Lycra undergarment top with divided areas indicating separate locations for each breast at your nearest chain or retail store. Put the top on over your bra. The top serves as a girdle that painlessly slims your stomach and back.

Remove both breasts from the bra and place them snugly in the divided sections within the Spandex or Lycra top. The cups function like a harness that supports your breasts, while the bra straps support the body shaper from the front and the back. The bra underneath the top provides additional support, giving you cleavage and making your breasts appear perkier.


Do not worry about adjusting the strap so far back that it is painful in order to achieve greater breast lift because you will achieve the same effect with the spandex or Lycra top.


Never use a body shaper that is painful to you in any way because it might be physically harmful to your body. Body shapers should slim and enhance your body's natural features without hurting you.