Summer and revealing clothing, such as bandeau tops, pose a challenge at times trying to keep the pieces in place. Keeping a tube or bandeau top on, and where it is supposed to be, requires a little creativity and tweaking of the top if it tends to slip down while being worn.

  • Safety pins
  • Brooch or pin
  • Needle and thread
  • Fashion tape or double-sided tape

Pull the bandeau top in the back to make the top tighter. Secure the cinched area with safety pins, brooches or decorative pins. Adjust the tightness of the cinching so the top stays put as you move. Test the tightness by raising and lowering your arms.

Alter the top to permanently make the bandeau smaller. While wearing the top, pull the top at a seam to make tighter. Use straight pins to mark the spot where the new seam needs to be. Remove the original seam and re-sew the top forming a new seam, making the top tighter and thus helping it to stay put.

Line the back and front of the bandeau with fashion tape or another form of double-sided tape. Remove the back of the tape first and press the tape on to the inside of the bandeau top. Peel the cover off the other side of the tape and gently press the other sticky side to your skin. Make sure to position the top prior to taping it to your body.