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If you feel like your bikini top leaves a little to be desired, consider adding an edge to your beach look with a little padding. You can add form and fashion to an existing unpadded bikini top by lining the inside of it with a little padding that accentuates your natural beauty without making you look fake or unnatural. Adding a little padding to your bikini top may also make you feel more comfortable coming out of the water when a brisk wind hits, as it provides an extra layer of insulation between your bare chest and the outside world.

Lay one-fourth of a yard of nude-colored lycra fabric on a flat surface. Lay your unpadded bikini top flat on top of the lycra.

Trace the shape of the bikini’s breast area onto the lycra with a fabric pencil. Remove the bikini and cut the two shapes out of the lycra with a pair of fabric scissors.

Position a half-cup size swimsuit bra pad designed to get wet into the center of each bikini breast area. Place the lycra lining pieces on top of the pads.

Line up the edges of each lycra lining cutout with the inside of the breast area on the bikini. Pin the lycra in place with sewing pins.

Sew the lycra lining with a straight stitch on a sewing machine with nude-colored thread or use a sewing needle and thread to attach the lycra lining fabric to the inside of your bikini by hand. Remove the pins as you sew.