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Wearing a bikini can be nerve-wracking enough, or as the website "Everything Bikini" states, "Swimsuit sizing can often seem like one of life’s cruel little jokes." Wearing a swimsuit top that doesn't fit right can make the situation go from bad to worse. An ill-fitting bathing suit top can not only give you an unflattering look, but can make you feel self-conscious. Luckily, if your top is too big or too small, there are measures you can take to correct the situation in a pinch.

Too Small of a Top

Put on your top and secure it in place as you normally would. Place a broomstick underneath the stretchy elastic strap that winds underneath your breasts, just above your ribs.

Pull the broomstick away from you and hold for at least three minutes. This will be uncomfortable, but will effectively stretch elastic. Repeat with the other side of the elastic.

Insert the broomstick just underneath the right strap against the top of your shoulder. Pull the broomstick upwards. This stretches the strap away from you. Repeat with the other strap.

Too Big of a Top

Adjust the straps so both straps lie snugly against your shoulders without falling down. If you've adjusted the straps as much as possible and they still slide down, pull them together along the middle of your spine with one hand and clip them in place with a metal hair clip.

Pinch the elastic strap that winds around the top portion of your ribs so it fits snug against your back. Secure the pinch in place with a large safety pin.

Wave your arms up and down and twist your torso back and forth to test your adjustments. The top should feel secure but not tight. Readjust as necessary.