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Wrap tops, dresses, and skirts are a fun and trendy style for women of all ages. However, when looking at a wrap top on a hanger, it may seem shapeless and impossible to wear. Fortunately, wrap tops are quite easy to tie and wear as long as the wearer has a little direction. Plus, once someone learns how to tie and wear a wrap top, she can be creative and tie it in unique and different ways. The longer the ties on the wrap top, the more creative the wearer can be. Once a person gets it down to a routine, she can tie her wrap top and be out of the door in a matter of minutes.

Put the top on by pulling your arms through the sleeves, with the opening in the front.

Wrap the left side of the shirt opening around to your right, bringing the tie to the back.

Wrap the right side of the opening around to the left, overlapping the left side but allowing the left tie to hang out at the bottom.

Take hold of both ties and tie them together in a double knot at the small of the back.


Assistance may be needed to help tie the top in the back.

If the ties are long enough, you may wrap them around to the front again after wrapping them around the back--thus tying them in the front.