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The wrap dress was created in the early 1970s by fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg. The dress has had such an influence on fashion that it is currently on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Though there are many copies, her version remains a timeless piece of fashion.

Untie your dress by loosening the knot. If the dress is already untied, proceed to step two.

Put the dress on one sleeve at a time, as you would a coat. Allow the dress to hang naturally. At this point, the dress should be open with the ties hanging freely. One side may feel longer than the other.

Locate the slit on the side seam. It can be on the left or the right, depending on which version you have. This slit will be invisible once the dress is properly tied. For the purposes of these instructions, the slit is on the right.

Gently but firmly grasp the tie on the left side of the dress.

Insert the end of the tie into the side slit and pull it through firmly until the dress begins to hug your body on the left side. Let the tie hang from the slit on the right side.

Take the right side of the dress and place it over the left while holding the tie from the end closest to the dress in your left hand.

Using your right hand, grasp the right tie at the slit.

Cross the ties at the center of your back and switch hands. Hold firmly so that you do not drop the ties and have to begin again. Now the ties should be in opposite hands.

Bring the ties back around to the front of the dress.

Tie the free ends in a knot or bow at the front or side of the dress--whichever feels more comfortable. For an alternate look if the tie is long enough, you can wrap it around your waist again and tie it on either side.


Be sure to keep the ties pulled tightly as you wrap to avoid unsightly gapping. This style can be worn to almost any event as an upscale dressy classic.