The main difference between shawls and wraps is in the width and length. Shawls, which primarily have an exaggerated, rich-looking width, offer the fashionista a sophisticated draped effect. The wrap, which often is referred to as the "scarf" wrap, has less width and is available in different lengths. The width and length ultimately impacts how to wear these items with your ensemble. These accessories are made in an array of colors, patterns and fabric textures to appeal to different customers. It is easy to incorporate a shawl or wrap into your everyday wardrobe.


How to Wear a Shawl

Fold your shawl in half. Hold it at the half way point. You will need to adjust the length. One end has to be slightly longer than the other end.

Position the shawl over your right shoulder. Make sure that the longer end is towards the front. You will need the longer length to complete the wrap in a later step.

Take the short end, which is behind you and drape it around your back and over your front left shoulder. You will still be holding the longer end with your opposite hand.

Take the longer length and wrap it over your front towards your left shoulder. Drape it towards your back. You will have one end of your shawl draped over your shoulder towards the front and the other end will be draped towards the back.

Adjust your shawl’s natural drape. The wider your shawl, the more fabric you will have to drape.

How to Wear a Wrap

Check the length of your wrap. For example, shorter wraps will have less fabric and are better wrapped around the neckline, while a longer-length wrap can go around your shoulders.

Fold your wrap in half. Position it behind your neck at the half way point of the folded wrap. You will have the fold in one hand and the open ends on the other.

Open the fold. It will appear like an open loop. Insert the open ends into the open loop. Gently pull the ends through.

Adjust your wrap by gently pulling the ends downward. The loop will begin to close. You can choose to adjust the wrapped loop towards one side or wear it in the center.