girl in blue blouse image by Vasiliy Koval from Fotolia.com

Wrap blouses and dresses are very flattering on a variety of women's shapes and sizes due to their cut and their ability to accentuate and thus create a narrow waist. One drawback to a wrap blouse is that the neckline is not as secure as a traditionally sewn shirt and can be apt to fall loose and expose more than you like. There are a variety of ways you can avoid an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction, some of which are a fashion statement.

Wrap the shirt to the ideal tightness and placement. Insert a decorative broach or pin at the neckline above the bust, pushing the sharp point of the pin through the front and back crossed layers of fabric and clasping it in place.

Wrap the blouse to the ideal placement. Insert a safety pin first through the underneath piece of fabric. Hook in the top piece of fabric, then clasp it underneath. Pinning it from the inside out will make the pin nearly invisible to the eye.

Wrap the blouse to fit your body. Cut a piece of double sided tape and press it to the inside hem of the bottom piece of fabric, then press it to your skin. Do the same to the outermost piece of fabric, sealing it to the fabric beneath it as well as your skin.

Add a coordinating tank top or camisole underneath the wrapped blouse if all else fails. This will limit any extra exposure of skin of the blouse were to loosen.